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Clicking a company logo will take you to the company's site so you can check your cases and pending business.

Company Instructions
With ITT QuickView you can access your pending case updates with Genworth Life, North American, and West Coast Life all in one place.
CLICK HERE to apply!
Go to and register via screen instructions.
Click on the register button to obtain your user id and password.
Your userid and password should be included in your welcome kit.
Click on the New User Registration link to obtain your user name and password.
Click on the register button to obtain your user id and password.
To register online for Agent Net Info, go to and follow screen instructions.
Your User ID is your agent number. (Note: Your agent number may be 5, 7 or 10 characters in length. 10-character agent numbers contain zeros preceding the base agent number. For example, agent number: 12345 would convert to User ID: 0000012345.)

If you are an actively licensed agent with North American, the default password is the last 4 digits of the principal's SSN or TAX ID #, however, you have the ability to change this password once you access the site.
Select Agent Center from the menu and use your agent number for the user name, and your zip code for the password. You will need a password for your commissions which can be obtained from West Coast at 800-366-9378.
Click here to check pending business with AIG/American General or Empire General.

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